About Us

The On Blast Show was born on June 26, 2012, it was in response to the┬ádrama within the Mortal Kombat Community. Sites within the Mortal Kombat Community sought out to censor various members of the Whoolay Show. As a result the hosts “Jamessmk” and “Darknatas” decided to put a show together where all people had a voice within the community and censorship did not exsist. While the show slowly rose to notoriety, they choose to forever change directions and leave the fighting game community guessing of their next moves would be. The next step for “OBS” was one that had taken the Mortal Kombat Community by storm. They began to get the very talent which help to create the Mortal Kombat franchise, from the games, movies, and the current episodes on Machinima’s well known Mortal Kombat “Legacy” series. The duo began to change slight directions and focus not only on the drama of the community, but to showcase the talent of the actors and actresses who portrayed the fans favorite characters of years past. As, the episodes began to grow so did the fans base, Jamessmk and Darknatas began to recruit members of the fighting game community who had similar feelings of isolation from the so called elite community members. They started up a team of “OBS” members and began to recruit based on these three basic rules.

1. Dont hatemail

2. Do not blame anyone but the person in the mirror for a lose

3. At the end of the day, Just have fun, its a game!

Now, after over 60 episodes the OBS team has grown to over 200 competing members online and offline, and are located on 6 continents from North and South America, Asia, Africa, and Europe. While players await swag, email accounts, and hoodies for winning performances, they are still instilled with a sense of win or lose, it matters not, the important ideals are to just have fun and play fair.

From its original inception Jamessmk and Darknatas have always prided in giving a voice to any man or woman within the Fighting Game Community. No matter the status or stature of a person. They has since reached out to the Namco Community, Smash Brothers Community, Capcom and Marvel Community, and most recently the Anime Community. Jamessmk and Darknatas hope someday to unite the fighting game community as a whole.

So stop by a check out “The On Blast Show” which take place Tuesday nights 10 PM EST at ustream.tv/theonblastshow

For those fans who may miss the live show be sure to catch the archives on youtube at youtube.com/theonblastshow2012

So check us out and come and join us on The On Blast Show and be a guest if you choose

Who do you want to put “On Blast?”